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Fight the Cyber-Genocide -

Today! Wanna work with (or for) people who have purpose in life and peaceful mind? Look no further, since we are here, right here, already turning the cyber-bullies upside down and reclaiming the cyberspace for the purposes of peace, happiness and authentic, spontaneus and social interactions. For this to happen, we will have to stick into and dwell with ideological questions, and likely win a few ideological battles of word too — hopefully just words and no exploits needed around, though.
Some may see the politics around cyberspace from an utilitarian point of view, how votes could be counted or social interactions managed, force projected, with the aid of the “space”, but for us, the cyberspace is a ideologically loaded facilitator, which will more than be a tactical tool in governance, deploy and strengthen particular ideological views and positions in the world. As such, it has also a strong imperialistic connotation. The “mythic cyberspace” is also, we claim, outcome of an ideological process, sociopolitical on the background of history too, of globalisation in the world.
As much as the cyberspace provokes ideological considerations, ambitions and even confrontations, it is, as such, in fact also a by-product of such developments, wishes, ambitions, even religious efforts in the world. But, it is also an outcome of purely masochist and cauvinistic ambition for power over and dominance, for some perhaps even for world-dominance. We are here to fight the fascist artificial idiocy before it will turn into new mass genocide. Face the real frontlines of the cyberwar
World is booming with dystopic ranting around the terrifying capabilities of the computing, artificial idiocy and indeed the cyberspace. We take all this down, protect human beings, humanism and flag out these modern cyber-fascists as political warmongers, future convicts of crimes against humanity and war. This applies inasmuch as for those companies and entrepreneurs who exploit human life, modern cyber-slavery and misfortune for the benefit of few, and those pseudo-critiqs who, quite contrary to their apparent position, just end up strengthening the terrorising and paralyzing effect of the demonstration of cyber-weaponry.
For us, the fighters of the cyberspace, the cyberwar is not about superior offensive capabilities, but about strength of mind, to overcome and overturn fascist ideologies and fascist application of computing, cyberspace, for illegitimate and inappropriate purposes. This is the actual frontline of the cyberwar, we claim, and thus, the number one target of and in the cyberspace to be reclaimed, in order to ensure and uphold the peace for the post-territorial and post-national (but not post-humanistic) times.
The battle of ideologies is not limited or confined to the cyberspace, but fuelled by it and also facilitator of it. We, together with you, should you so choose, we challenge the legitimacy of the algorithmic governance, appropriateness of the militarisation of the cyberspace and, as said, any unipolar and universal ideology to the cyberspace (and cyber-age).
We will expose the dark side of the cyberspace, the ugly face of the cybernetic power — wipe off the pretty mask of the beast. This is the real frontline of the cyberwar, as upholding that mask is final fortress of the beast, it will do whatever it can to preserve that position. This is why the struggle is called cyberwar and this is why we will win. And this is why any universal and final solutions will drie off, just like those did before — defeated by people and humble minds.

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